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May 03 2013
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Reference for streaming hockey games

Here are the streams I have up in my game thread:

Firstrow (click on one of the other links if the provided one isn’t streaming for you)

Streamhunter (click on the game you want, and a drop down menu will appear)


VLC- uses an outside application, either VLC player or Quicktime

**Note: Most of the streams won’t actually begin to play until the game is about to start, so be patient.

For VLC/QT streams: (instructions behind the cut)

1. Go to whichever stream link you prefer and right click on it (for macs, hold down the “control” button while you click on the link. The following menu will show up. image

2. Select “copy link address”

3. Open either VLC or Quicktime

4. Go to the file menu.

In quicktime, it will look like this:


In VLC it will look like this:


5. Choose “open URL” in Quicktime or “open network” in VLC. A box will open up that looks like this:





6. Paste the link address (make sure it begins with http: otherwise it’s not a valid link.

7. Click “open” in both applications (Not Open RPT/UDP Stream, but just “open” in the bottom right. 

8. A box will pop up and expand, and your game will begin streaming. 

Note: I often have issues with VLC quitting on my after a couple minutes. If that happens, give Quicktime a try.

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