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April 20 2013
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There are a couple of great Blackhawks fics other than Kaner/Tazer, fyi. And Oilers fic warms my heart.

I’ve read a couple that weren’t Kaner/Tazer, I just tend to prefer the boys together. I might end up adding in some other Hawks fics at another point but the first fic rec page will focus on K/T :)

I don’t watch enough off-ice stuff about the Oilers to read fic about them, I think. I’ve seen the roommate thing with Halls and Ebs, but I need to read/watch up on more before I can read fic with them and hear their voices, if that makes sense. ETA: Oh and I reblogged that delightful little gif set about Hallsy talking about how he knows Ebs will get married first and he’s not in a rush or something, lol.

  1. passedmypastlife said: I haven’t seen that gifset???? oh dear that sounds life-ruining. don’t link me or I might die.
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