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April 20 2013
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In my humble opinion a fic rec post should never be narrowed down because I want to read all the fic, tbh. (What other pairings do you read?)

Very good point, I love reading as much as I can!

I’ve started to read some Crosby/Malkin and Seguin/various dudes, and I adore the couple of Toews/O’Marra fics I’ve read. THE PINING. I’m always on the lookout for Tazer+Crosby friendship fics, too.

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  1. passedmypastlife said: There are a couple of great Blackhawks fics other than Kaner/Tazer, fyi. And Oilers fic warms my heart.
  2. bruisingknees said: Segsy’s harem is never not gonna amuse me :D I’ve been reading (and loving) some Tyler² lately!
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