Thanks for ruining my Hockey Night in Canada

If you aren’t following Mark Lazerus, Tracey Myers, and Chris Kuc on twitter, you absolutely should be. Especially Laz.

@nhlblackhawks: First scrimmage puck has dropped. Training Camp has officially begun! (x)

@ChrisKuc: Jonathan Toews and Brad Richards take the opening faceoff of #Blackhawks training camp scrimmage. (x)

@ChrisKuc: Jonathan Toews and Brad Richards take the opening faceoff of #Blackhawks training camp scrimmage. (x)

@MarkLazerus: Toews. Such a teacher’s pet. #Blackhawks (x)

@TramyersCSN: More hockey players. #Blackhawks (x)

@ChrisKuc: x

Anonymous said:  So I was looking at Capgeek and I was just wondering, if Hossa had to/decided to retire before his contract was up would the Hawks still have his salary go towards their overall cap space? Or how does that work when players retire earlier than their contract is up?

As a result of the new CBA and the terms of Hossa’s contract, if he retires before his contract is up the Hawks are subject to the cap advantage recapture penalty. It’s a penalty for teams that had ‘back-diving’ contracts before the new CBA rules passed. Since back-diving contracts where a player retires early basically means that in the end a players salary exceeded what their cap hit reflected, this evens things out by forcing teams to ‘pay back’ that monetary advantage they got with the cap hit. 

Whatever the cap benefit recapture penalty is at the year that player graduates counts against the team cap. So if you look at the capgeek recapture grid, and you go to Hossa’s line, basically whatever year he retires in, that number listed is how much the cap hit will be for him even if he doesn’t play, for each remaining year of his contract. For example, if Hossa retired next year, the Hawks would have a cap recapture of 2.625 for six years, the remaining terms of his contract. The tough thing with his contract is that it’s a 12 year contract, ending when he’s 41. This wasn’t really an issue under the old CBA, because there wouldn’t have been an issue with him retiring early. Now, there’s a big issue, especially on a team with limited cap space and with a guy who’s had some big injuries. 


ugh I just listened to that tsegs interview and I’m so fucking irritated. Because of course the only thing anybody pulls out of the whole interview is that comment about boobs and ass. If you actually listen to the entire interview that’s not what he’s trying to talk about, he talks about hockey…

when i left tumblr all we’d talked about was how Segs was really diplomatic and handled himself well, but that the first half of the interview was far better.

How did this go so sideways?