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Jonathan Toews on Waddle & Silvy, 17/7/14: 

On what he was doing when he first got news of the finalized contract:

"The first thing that crossed my mind was - Patrick Sharp’s gonna like this - I was on vacation with my girlfriend for two weeks when I got the news, I was oversees [in Thailand], and I was like - okay, might be time to get back into shape and start working out again. So I headed to the gym right away. I was kinda feeling the pressure at that moment."

On if he appreciates how much Kane and Toews are tied at the hip and have always gone together:

"Yeah, I think maybe earlier in our career we were both determined players and determined people - we both want to be the best at what we do - and there was maybe more of a need to differentiate and set ourselves apart earlier in our careers.But I think now we’ve really embraced that, and we love being a vital part of our team together.

I think for myself, it’s an honor and a huge compliment for me to be considered in the same realm as far as a player like Kaner, with his talents. Like you said, we’re different people with different talets and we bring different things to the table, but I think it’s a huge compliment for me to be in that same sentence as him.”

On growing up in front of the media and fans’ eyes in Chicago:

"It’s been pretty cool. It’s funny, we were just young kids coming in here to Chicago. I don’t think our relationship has changed much, I think we still look at each other as just a couple of players who love to play hockey and love to be around the boys, the way we always have before we became professional hockey players, and it’s just funny when you have other people, especially my friends back home or anyone I know who think of Patrick Kane as this big superstar or famous athlete, and to me he’s just a regular guy."

On ever playing in his hometown Winnnipeg:

"To be honest with you, all due respect to all the Jets fans back home, family and friends, I love Winnipeg and what it’s given me and it’s a great place to grow up, but I mean, I tell eveyone that Chicago’s my new home and I’m so lucky to be part of the sports scene in this city, and there’s never been a doubt in either of our minds, myself or Kaner, that we want to be here. I guess it’s something that might be more of a question the next time around, but again the way I feel right now it probably won’t be. There was no doubt in my mind that this is where we want to be for a long time."

On whether he was ever legitimately concerned that Patrick Kane needed to mature quickly, all the time they’ve been together:

"You know what, I don’t think so. I’ve always known Kaner the same way, and he’s such a good teammate, a good guy, and I’ve always loved him in the locker room. […] I think in certain ways he still likes to have fun and enjoy himself with his friends and there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just that to a certain degree, for people in our position, you’ve got to kinda watch things sometimes and I think he’s really understood that. And on and off the ice he’s matured in so many ways.

BONUS: On chirping Sid a during the Stadium Series a week after they were Olympic teammates:

"I gave him a hard time cause they were already up on the powerplay, five on four, and I thought it was kind of a weak call so I just thought I’d give Sid an earful cause he went down a little bit easier than he should have [laughs]."

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7/19/14: Green Thumb Toews

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#I hope one day jonny really does get a twitter #and a week later a random instagram pops up #and its all just various photos of his vegetable garden and its progress

No, but can you imagine what happens once the vegetables are grown? Tazer showing up at the rink with three huge cucumbers and a bunch of lumpy tomatoes, all THEY GREW REALLY WELL THIS YEAR YOU GUYS SHOULD START EATING HEALTHY as he divides them up between any Hawks that seem to be falling behind in the nutrition regimen.

Does a random salad full of fresh veggies just appear in the locker room every once in a while? And Jonny feigns shock before telling everyone, “Well if it’s here we might as well eat it!”

Or maybe he starts a put luck going.

Anonymous said:  Do you know why sharp wasn't part of any panels??

You know, I don’t actually. He just wasn’t scheduled for some reason? 


The baby goalie has some difficulty learning his lines (◠‿◠).

Anonymous said:  'it's in your best interest' Jonny explained as he herded Pat towards the elevator. 'what if you get pranked,' he asked, leading him to the front desk, 'and they take all your clothes?' the concierge gave him a troubled look at the words but nodded when Jonny asked if they could move to adjoining rooms. 'this way you could come over for some shorts,' he explained to Pat as he handed over the new key. 'see, this is all for YOU.'

And this way Jonny knows Pat is going to bed at a reasonable time, and he has Pat acting as his human alarm clock again. The electronic ones really aren’t as good. They don’t gently poke him like Pat does.

i’m pretty sure the fic was taken down from ao3. can’t remember the author’s name or why.

Gracias, chica. Sorry, anon :/ The general consensus seems to be that its no longer available :(