Thanks for ruining my Hockey Night in Canada

They have built themselves a relationship. Like a marriage. It equates to a marriage, for sure. I don’t think they realize how close they are, when next year they won’t be so together every day. It will be tough. I can’t see them just taking off in two opposite ends of the Earth. They’ve been best friends for years. I just hope they’re good friends seventeen years down the road - as good as they are now. 


Sterek Underworld - The Rise of the Lycans AU: Over 1,000 years ago, Derek was born, the first Lycan able to retain a human form. Enslaved by Gerard, the ruthless Elder of the Vampire Clan, collared, beaten and belittled, Derek grows up with only one light in his life: Prince Stiles, Gerard’s ward. The two grow up together - fierce children, lonely children - who find companionship and ultimately love into one another. Their romance is forbidden, not only by their status as member of the noble vampire council and low slave and blacksmith. But also because the races are forbidden to mingle. In Gerard’s eyes, Vampires are perfection, and werewolves are no better than beasts.
But Derek is done being treated like an animal, used and abused constantly. He manages to escape, freeing a multitude of fellow Lycans, but unable to take Stiles with him. The lovers make a promise to meet again, but fate is against them. Gerard finds out about their forbidden affair. Enraged, disgusted, he doesn’t hesitate to have his own ward locked into prison, or to use him as the bait to recapture Derek. Torturing Stiles in front of Derek’s own eyes is sweet revenge for Gerard. Who is so driven by his insane need to keep the two races apart, that he doesn’t hesitate to chain Stiles, and to
let the dawn light
cascade on him

in front of his beloved, chained and helpless and screaming his throat raw, only a few steps away from Stiles.
Driven crazy by grief, Derek manages to wrench free from his bindings, steal the necklace that his prince always wore around in neck and starting what will be known as The Great War between Vampires and Lycans.

of course, by year 2011, Stiles in reborn in the town of Beacon Hills and reunited with his love, who’s been waiting for him, embittered and lonely, for all these centuries. That’s because I’m a sucker for angst with an happy ending.

I want and I don’t want this. Because my god, Stiles dies…I don’t care that he gets born it’s the fact that he dies in front of Derek and Derek has to wait all these years for him.

That…it just tears into me.

I wish I was more surprised by the Rams decisions, but I’m not.

Sam better get picked up. 

"It’s gonna be a great day and you know why!"

"Because every day’s a great day!"

Jonny does his best Bob Cole for his ~10-year-old self [x]





Featuring the following questions:

  • Does Kane ever get on your nerves?
  • How do you feel about Kane praising Kessel at the olympics?
  • Was identical contracts always the plan?
  • Is it fair to say you are shy, not serious? How do you feel about being a role model (for shy kids)?

(Billing notwithstanding, he is not asked about snookie or NHL expansion, go figure.)

I liked the heading “Jonathan Toews’ quirky relationship with Patrick Kane” :)

"Is that even a question? I think we all know the answer to that one. We were roommates a couple of years ago and I think we were laughing about it this summer that if we ever have to go back to being roommates I’m not too sure if we would have signed another eight-year contract, so hopefully that answers the question."

I’m assuming this is an inside joke, right? They actually don’t get on each other’s nerves so much that if forced to room together once again they would rather leave the Blackhawks? If yes, they wouldn’t still hang out once in a while in their hotel rooms…

Why do they joke about it so much? If they were actually just friends and enjoyed each other’s company, why not say so? It’s like Tazer revealed ONCE that they like to hang out together, but every time before and since then, they always say how much they hated rooming together.

I suppose that being roommates and hanging out once in a while are different things though… 

So this just makes me think that hanging out together once in a while isn’t a big thing to Kane and Toews, and fandom just exploded for no reason. :/

To answer your question about how Toews has said more often than not in interviews that roommating with Kane is terrible is just a set of parameters. Its autopilot, a ritual, for someone who says he hates rituals. For the longest the media had portrayed Kane and Toews as the opposites that attract. It was the characters that the media built up, wrote out. For how much the fandom says that we have built these fictional characters, we always forget that the media have also built fictional characters that are easy to write about. 

Since their rookie year the media has been developing these two contrasting characters because its great for writing a story. Toews is tall, dark and serious. Kane is short, blond and jovial. Toews keeps his head down and leads the team. Kane makes the flashy goals and is always ready for showtime. 

The media was lucky that Kane and Toews somewhat fit these outlines. Even though through the years we found out that Toews like to party, hang out with his bros and drink a couple of pops. We also found out that Kane is actually pretty quiet in the locker room and likes to hang out with his family/sisters in the off season. 

But its okay to keep these characters that the media has created because its easier to write stories that need to be out the same night or the next day. 

For example the media are the ones who perpetuated the “Is Kane going to pick Toews for the All Star Game.” Kane and Toews new it would be a better story if they chirped, rolled their eyes and said how much they hated each other. But at the same time you could see Kane sweating anytime Staal would make a pick, worrying that he would pick Toews. And Toews had his death glare out, “You better pick me, Patrick.” I see that as the natural Kane and Toews. Not the Toews and Kane posturing for the media.

The media ate that up too, when they saw that they were getting really visceral responses from both Kane and Toews. Thats why they kept cutting the camera to Toews when Kane wouldn’t pick him and interviewed him because his response was so natural. 

Now lets get to the aggression on and off the ice.

Very early on Kane and Toews we very argumentative. This is because they were put on the same line when they were pretty much just rookies. When you put two very young, rookies on the same line, who have that much talent and that much compete level you are going to see them butting heads on yelling at each other to be better. For them it must have come natural because they have known each others game for so long, since they were fourteen. And this isn’t just wank. 

In an interview when they asked Kane to name Toews three moves in the shoot out during the Junior Championships he could name all three like someone would name their best friends sisters. (Something that Toews didn’t know.) This tells me that they know each others game really well. So for them its no big deal to yell at each other on the ice and on the bench about what they should do because they are so well versed in each others game and know how good the other is. (They would probably never do that to players that they don’t know their game that well.) 

Their teammates were taken aback and so was the media because they were so combative. This is where “They don’t get a long. They’re too different started.”

The media rolled with that and said they just don’t get along because they are so different but on the ice its like fire and air. Its explosive. Thats why the media decided to take it a step further and said that “if they don’t get a long on the bench they must also be combative in the bedroom.” And by that I mean as roommates. (Coughs.) 

Thats when the media started asking them leading questions like “You two must not get a long as roommates. Is it hard rooming with Kane/Toews?”

Those questions are aways leading and since Toews and Kane are so well media prepped they knew how to answer it correctly. 

So they would say, “Oh, he’s terrible. He does squats in his underwear. He’s messy. He snores.”

But at the same time they say that they sleep around the same time and eat around the same time. Also, when Sharp came in their room to chirp them we saw Toews all arms spread and shirtless. We saw Kane fully covered and kinda folded into his own bed. You could tell that their dynamics probably fit pretty well. Toews loud and dominating and Kane more quiet and submissive. And from interviews we know that Kane is more quiet, while Toews is usually more talkative. 

We know from interviews that Toews is a more obnoxious roommate. He got angry when Kane woke him up before his “Hockey Night in Canada.” And decided that Kane should be awake like him so start punching his pillow. (He did a similar thing to Sharp during the Olympics because Sharpy kept his computer on at night.) But Kane seemed to take all of it better. He seemed to be more accepting of Toews antics in the room.

But still, when the reporters prompt them and ask, “So how bad was it roommating with Kane?” He already knows the answer they want and what would make the best interview. They both have been answering the same questions for the past seven years. 

I guess the answer to your question: The personalities you see portrayed and perpetuated in the media and interviews are no different than the characters that the fandom has created. They are just character types that are repeated to make it easier to write a story. 

The only difference is that the fandom’s stories are on tumblr and AO3 and the reporters’ stories are published as actual sports media.